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Feeding therapy helps make mealtimes easier for the whole family.

Picky eating, sensory issues, and stress around eating can make things difficult for your little one and you. Our feeding therapy program aims to reduce the pressures around eating by reducing food aversions.

If mealtimes are lengthy and stressful or your child only eats a few preferred items, he/she may benefit from a feeding assessment and therapy.

Feeding Therapy FAQs

Around 6 months of age. If by 8-9 months of age your child is still not interested in eating solids, an evaluation may be done.
With feeding therapy! Behavioral feeding therapy focuses on increasing food acceptance by establishing trust with the therapist and making mealtime fun. Therapy aims to increase the variety of foods a child is willing to eat and reduce aversions to certain textures, tastes, or smells.
Both speech and occupational therapists have training in feeding. Occupational therapists specialize in sensory based feeding approaches while speech therapists focus on the oral-motor.

Meet Our Feeding Staff