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New Patient Quick Links:

We're excited to meet you soon!

As a parent of a new patient, you may have some questions about the practice. This page is meant to introduce you to our policies, and help make the process easier for you (and your little one!)

If you have any questions we haven’t answered here, you’re welcome to call us, email us, or message us on Facebook!

Steps to Therapy

Call us at 813-269-4879 or submit a form on our Get Started page. You will provide your child’s name, date of birth, insurance coverage, and services desired. We may have a waitlist and will add your child’s information to the waitlist.

A referral from your physician may be required before we can begin therapy. Please ask your physician to fax a referral to our fax 813-269-4879. If you have a copy, you can take a picture and email it to
If your child has received therapy from another agency within the last 6 months, a copy of the evaluation and care plan from the previous agency can be used in place of a new evaluation.

If you are utilizing your commercial insurance carrier, we will check your insurance benefits and request authorization (if applicable) from your insurance company. If you’re paying out of pocket, check our Insurance + Fees page to understand your responsibility.

Once all the required documentation has been completed, we will contact you directly to schedule an evaluation. What is an evaluation? During the session, the therapist will use standardized measures to determine your child’s individual profile to guide therapeutic sessions. A caregiver interview will be conducted as well to give our therapist a more in depth background of your child’s interests, developmental milestones, and challenges in their natural environments. If you choose to step out after the parent interview, we can assess your child individually but you are more than welcome to stay in the room for the entirety of the assessment. We will review the results with you towards the end of the session so you know what to expect from our report. With all of this information, an evaluation and plan of care will be written to address your child’s specific needs.
Following the evaluation or assessment, the therapists will make recommendations if therapy is needed and how often. A 6-month plan of care will be developed and shared with you. We will schedule weekly sessions as recommended by the therapist. Some insurances and therapy types will require a separate authorization after the evaluation is completed. If this is the case, therapy will be scheduled once authorization is approved.

Most of our clients choose to schedule standing appointments, meaning that they come to LPT at the same time every week.

We understand that schedules vary and also allow patients to schedule week by week based on what works for them.

We will not hold any standing appointments for longer than two weeks if you are planning an extended break or vacation.

Therapy sessions can range from 30-60 minutes (speech/OT) to hours (ABA). Your therapist will review how many sessions and the length of time is recommended.

As always, this is a recommendation, and your schedule or finances may need to dictate the specific schedule.

Scheduling Therapy

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hour notice for cancellations. Any no-shows or late cancellations will incur a $25 fee.

Two no shows will include removal from the schedule. Erratic and/or inconsistent attendance (including late arrivals) may also result in discharge from therapy. Your child’s success in therapy can be greatly enhanced with regular attendance, communicating with your therapist and practicing the homework provided by your therapist.

Therapy Expectations

What You Can Expect From Your Therapists:

What Therapists Expect From Their Families:

From an LPT Parent:

Therapy has been great. Always on time, my child loves her therapist, and is always eager to go. We have seen a big improvement with her speech and look forward to more growth.”

The LPT Office

Here are a few pictures of our office space – we encourage showing them to your child to help familiarize them with our space before you arrive.

These spaces are where our clinicians see your children for speech, ABA, feeding, and OT therapy, so you’ll see toys and tools for all of the services we offer.