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Picky Eating Dos and Don’ts

Reduce mealtime stress with these tips!

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Have a little one who you consider a picky eater? Here are some mealtime + daily tips from our professional therapists who study pediatric feeding.

Picky Eating Habits to Avoid:

  • Forcing new foods, as kids may react negatively when pressured to eat
  • Placing large portions on their plate, as they can be overwhelming (try offering seconds and thirds instead)
  • Mandating that they finish everything on their plate, as this doesn’t allow children to recognize when they are full

Picky Eating Tips to Try:

  • Take your child them to the store – this is a great opportunity to talk about healthy foods, where food comes from, and may even help motivate a picky eater to try something new!
  • Include your child in food prep – it exposes them to foods in a positive way without any pressure
  • Allow them to see, touch, smell, lick new food items without requiring them to eat it
  • Prioritize sit-down meals together

You don’t have to do this alone!

Tampa Bay families have found success with feeding therapy at Lama Pediatric Therapy. If you feel like your little one may have sensory or behavioral issues surrounding food, you can contact our clinic for an assessment. Call us at 813-269-4879 or fill out the form on our Get Started page to learn more!