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Play’s Place in Pediatric Therapy

Play is Vital to Learning

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Play is a tool for teaching

Pediatric therapy often looks like we are “just playing”. But children learn through naturalistic teaching and thrive when we teach them through “play”. We can target many of our language goals while down on the floor with the kids.

By playing with children, we are keeping their attention while we teach them the skills they need to grow into adults that have great social-emotional awareness, communication, and motor skills.

Whether it is labeling the actions of our farm animals (eat, sleep), requesting (more cars, go car), or understanding prepositions (the ball is IN the box). There is so much that we can do through play once we connect with the child and get down on their level.

What looks like just play is really…

  • Making connections
  • Requesting items, asking for help, requesting more
  • Vocal and Motor Imitation
  • Labeling items and actions
  • Following directions
  • Bonding

Playful Pediatric Therapy can help your child

Our professional staff are trained to play with your children in a way that grows their mind, body, and heart. We love what we do, and your children will love therapy with us!

If you’re worried about your child’s speech or language, their behavior, feeding skills, or daily life skills, we invite you to take an assessment in our Tampa, Florida office. Visit our Get Started page to learn more!