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What is AAC, who is it for, and how can you get a device?


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Augmentative and Alternative Communication

AAC means all of the ways that someone communicates besides talking. No-tech and low-tech options include things like gestures and facial expressions, writing, drawing, spelling words by pointing to letters, and pointing to photos, pictures, or written words. High-tech options include things like using an app on an iPad or tablet to communicate and using a computer with a “voice,” sometimes called a speech-generating device. AAC helps someone to communicate as effectively as possible, in as many situations as possible.

There are no prerequisites to using AAC. They are never too young to start and do not have to “prove” themselves capable of using a device. Presuming competences means that an AAC user is given the tools and instruction they need to learn regardless of their speech. We must assume they want/need all the words to communicate.

Does insurance coverage AAC devices? Yes! Most insurances will cover an AAC assessment and device. An AAC assessment will identify which device is best suited for your child. We will submit the necessary information to insurance and order the device which will be shipped directly to you!